A Stone on Their Cairn


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A Cape Breton Saga by Kevin S. MacLeod

The rich story of the Highland Scots of Cape Breton is brought to life with this fictional account of a small North Shore community. Covering an eighteen year period from the excitement of a Royal Jubilee (1897) to the trepidations of a European war (1914), A Stone on Their Cairn is an intimate, penetrating and entertaining insight into the lives of the people of Loch Dubh. This glimpse into another era celebrates the wide spectrum of life —-where fiddles and pipes “spoke the Gaelic” at milling frolics and ceilidhs, and contrite souls were comforted by evening worship in front parlours and lengthy Sabbath services in the stoic Kirk. With dialogue in Gaelic (followed by English translations) as well as a detailed family tree, glossary and foldout map for reference, this story is both a passport to another time and an affirmation that, indeed, the blood is strong.