Abounding In Tradition – The Beatons of Mabou


Celtic Violin & Piano Music from Cape Breton

Kinnon  Beaton ~ violin, Donald Angus Beaton ~ violin, Joey Beaton ~ piano, Elizabeth Beaton ~ piano

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  1. Doug Mac Phee’s Clog / Mary Graham’s reel / The snowshoes Reel / Irish-American Reel
  2. Lt. Murray’s Welcome to the 79th Bagpipe March / MacPhedran’s Strathspey / Totar’s Hornpipe / Smith’s Reel / Janet Beaton’s reel
  3. Margaret Chisholm’s Jig / Mabou Jig / Go to the Devil and shake Yourself Jig / Princess Florence’s Jig
  4. Niel Gow’s lamentation for James Moray, Esq. of Abercarney (Slow Air)
  5. Anna Mae’s Reel / West mabou Reel
  6. Mrs. MacDouwal Grant’s Slow Strathspey / Mrs Charles Stewart’s Reel / Fisher’s Wedding Reel
  7. Mike Maloney’s Jig / Bessie Brown’s Jig / Ann Marie Barry’s Jig / Pat’s parlor Jig / The Happy Jig
  8. Bishop MacDonald’s Lament (Slow Strathspey) / The Tweeedale Club Strathspey / North Sydney Bar Reel / Fife Hunt Reel
  9. Modified March / The Battle of The Somme Bagpipe Jig
  10. Da Peerie Hoose Ahint Da Burn March / Buddy MacMaster’s Strathspey / Lord Seaforth’s Reel
  11. The Council Gathering Jig / Catherine & Thurlow Smith’s Jig / Dusty Bob Jig / The Irish Washerwoman Jig
  12. Little Joey Gillis’s March / Willie Fraser’s Strathspey / Mrs. Norman MacKeigan’s Reel / Donny LeBlanc’s Reel
  13. Dan J. Campbell’s Reel / Elizabeth’s Big Coat Reel / Old Time Wedding Reel / Hamish The Carpenter / Put Me In The Big Chest Reel